Jorma Panula, ‘Maestro of Maestros’, is both loved and feared for his clear, astute and free spirit. His boundless musicality combined with his analytical ability is an example for many generations of musicians.

“Help, but don’t get in the way” is Jorma Panula’s fundamental principle.

He denies using a method. He believes that having learned the basic principles, every student should find his own way of conducting. Each student receives a custom, individual and quite different approach.

There are a few vital elements he needs in order to develop conducting talents: a living instrument (small or large orchestra) and a video to make his evaluations.

Yehudi Menuhin about Jorma Panula: “He is a truly creative conductor. He is a man and musician of real worth – the very opposite of publicized importance.”

As a student, I’ve been attending his masterclasses for many years and I’ve also organized many a masterclass with Jorma Panula. The information that he carries with him is invaluable, for future generations too.

I have collected together the topics that he repeatedly touches on. First in a list of comments that can be found on the site www.jormapanula.com.

And now Jorma Panula’s body of thought is to be found in word and gesture on DVD.

The recordings were made in the characteristic ‘Jorma Panula style’. They aptly illustrate the speed and method of the ‘Maestro of Maestros’.

Taco Kooistra, director Jorma Panula Foundation


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